How To Message COVID-19 During The Pandemic To Youth Sports Teams

Subject: <INSERT ORG. NAME> Coronavirus Update

Dear <INSERT ORG. NAME> Players and Families:

We will continue to monitor the developments of the Coronavirus and update our policies and guidelines as appropriate. 

We are mandating the additional steps and policies be put in place effective <INSERT DATE>.  

  • If your school or academic institution is closed due to Coronavirus considerations, please do not attend practice until the school has re-opened.  Upon reopening, players may fully attend practices and events. Impacted players should communicate directly with their coach or manager.
  • Players who themselves are in quarantine or have immediate family members in their households under voluntary or mandatory quarantine are NOT to participate in <INSERT ORG. NAME> activities until release from quarantine. 

The prior guidance and policies remain in effect:

 Effective immediately we will be asking that each player and coach follow the items listed below:

  • DO NOT attend practices or games if you are sick
  • DO NOT Conduct handshakes between players or coaches during practices or games
  • DO NOT share equipment and/or clothing (ie, hats, gloves, shin guards)
  • DO NOT share water bottles or beverages

Finally, we ask that all players wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after training.

We will be reaching out to all <INSERT ORG. NAME> venues to ensure they are following the CDC cleaning guidelines.

We will continue to monitor and reach out with additional information and updates as they become available from the leagues, school districts and the media.  At this stage we are asking that each coach, parent, player and spectator remain aware and vigilant of their own personal situations.  

Here are a few helpful resources to learn more about Coronavirus and how to stay healthy:

All the best,

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