Third to Home

You are now very close to scoring. It wasn't easy getting here so don't make mistakes. There are two HUGE mistakes you can make here:
1. Getting picked off
2. Not scoring when the opportunity is there.
You want to really get on the coaches bad side, commit one of these two errors.

Leading Off
Remember this only applies in leagues where leading off is allowed by the rules... Get the signs from your coach while you are standing on the base. This is more critical than at any other base because your back is toward the pitcher. Once you have received the signs, take your lead. The biggest difference in taking your primary lead from third base rather than from first base is your need to stay clear in foul territory. You don't want there to be any doubt that you're in foul territory if you're hit by a batted ball.

Another important point when taking your secondary lead is to make sure you keep your hips and shoulders square to the field so you can easily continue towards home or get back to third quickly if necessary. A good catcher who sees the shoulders squared towards him will make a throw to third. This position therefore will not only cause the runner to be slower getting back to third, but will encourage more throws from the catcher.

Getting Back
If the catcher catches the ball, you want to return to the bag in fair territory even though you took your lead in foul territory. If the catcher is going to attempt to pick you off, he has to throw the ball accurately to the inside of the bag. This makes it more difficult for the third baseman to make a quick tag and it may result in a bad throw that either hits you or ends up in left field. Whatever the end result, you have placed more pressure on the catcher.

Any ball hit in the air, you should start back towards third base. If it's a line drive that gets through the infield, you'll score easily even if you start back towards third. If it's a fly ball, then you need to return to third to tag up.

Ground Ball
Knowing when to run home on a ground ball with 0 or 1 outs is very difficult. You should be able to score on any ball hit up the middle that gets by the pitcher unless the infield is playing in tight.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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