Outfield Group Work Drills

Build outfielders fundamental base by breaking down the steps to catching a fly ball. As a group, line the athletes up side by side and practice

(1) dropstep and read,

(2) crossover,

(3) go.

Standing in front of the group, begin by pointing up in the air towards the right or left. Follow up with verbal prompts so that athletes follow steps appropriately. When you point your finger in a certain direction, outfielders should dropstep in that direction. When you yell "crossover," athletes should take their crossover steps... and on "go," athletes are to take two or three running steps.

Group Work with Fly Balls

Move athletes into one line with the first outfielder stepping out in front of you. Begin by pointing a baseball in one direction (right or left). The athlete is then to dropstep and crossover in appropriate direction as you reach back and throw an easy pop fly.

Group Work Fly Balls with Fundies

The next step to fundamental outfield play is to work on how the athletes are catching the fly ball. Instruct and teach athletes to:

  • Communicate "Ball, ball!"
  • Catch the ball using two hands
  • Catch the ball above your eyes
  • Catch the ball over your throwing shoulder
  • Catch the ball moving towards your cut-off man
  • Involve fly balls off of the bat only after fundamentals are solid.

For more information, check out my book Coaching the Beginning Pitcher.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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