The 5 Ball Drill


To practice footwork and releasing the ball quickly for the throw. An intense conditioning element is also a part of this drill.


  1. This drill can be used with any of the infielders in a variety of situations. For each position, place five balls in a line in an area where that player would likely field balls. For example, to help the third baseman practice fielding bunts, set up five balls in a line extending from the foul line toward the pitcher's mound approximately 10 feet away from home plate, where the fielder would pick them up for a bunt.

  2. The third baseman starts in his normal ready position and depth, then runs to surround the first ball and throws it to first. He then runs back to his starting position and quickly turns back to field the next ball. Repeat until the fielder throws all five balls.

  3. Place the balls in similar areas for the first baseman and catcher. For middle infielders, place the balls to one side of each player and have them practice their throws to each of the bases.

  4. Each player fields and throws two sets of five balls placed in slightly different locations.


Two fielders can be fielding and throwing at the same time. For example, the first baseman can practice fielding bunts and throwing to first while the third baseman fields bunts and throws to second. Or the first and third basemen can work together to field balls and practice throws while the shortstop and second baseman do the same.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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