Dueling Fungoes (Ages 12+)

The advance version of Dueling Fungoes efficiently involves an entire team into infield practice using multiple ground balls. The head-to-head competition is removed, but the execution challenge in significantly increased. Two coaches hit ground balls, each working with two positions around the infield. One coach will hit from the third base side of home plate and the other from the first base side of the plate. Place athletes at their respective positions, as well a receiver at both 1st and 2nd base.

Segment 1:

The coach on the third base side will hit ground balls to SS and 1B, who will then feed to the receiver standing at the second base bag. The coach on the first base side will hit ground balls to 3B and 2B, who will throw across to the receiver at 1st base.

Segment 2:

Coaches hit to the same positions, but the feeds are reversed. SS and 1B now will throw across to the receiver at 1st base. 3B and 2B now feed to the second base bag.

Coaches are to alternate ground balls, ensuring that a quick pace is maintained. Receivers are to stay with their coach, expecting throws from alternating positions. When the feeds switch, receivers will take throws from new positions. Be careful of athletes charging ground balls and getting in the way of throws to different bases.

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Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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