One Knee Drill

The Knee Drill can be performed by pitchers of all ages and is a safe and effective way to isolate the lower body while focusing specifically on the proper pitching mechanics of the arms.

This is also a good warm up drill for all players.

To get into position, kneel on the knee of the throwing arm side. Point the toes of the opposite foot directly toward the target 45- to 50-feet away.

The pitcher can practice all of his pitching grips with this drill, but the ball and throwing hand should always start in the glove and at the chest.

For the motion to begin, the pitcher will break his hands simultaneously and point the glove and front shoulder to the target. The pitcher's throwing hand should stay on top of the baseball and follow a long arm path into the high-cocked position where the ball will face the shortstop position.

The pitcher will then rotate his trunk, release the baseball, and follow-through by bending the back and bringing the throwing-arm elbow past the opposite knee.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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