Throwing Fundamentals

Always stretch out before throwing. Simple arm swings, elbow pushes and trunk twists will limber up the muscles and protect the player from injury.

Block (45 to 90% angle) with throwing-side foot, step with glove-side foot. Step towards the target and follow through. Much of your power comes from the momentum created by the legs.

Holding the ball
Hold in two finger grip, resting on thumb and ring finger. Thumb centers the fingers on the other side of the ball. Hold the ball loosely and away from the palm (do NOT palm the ball)

Thumb to Thigh
Bring the ball down, back, and with the up elbow flexed.
Take your Thumb past your thigh on the way back.

Ball to the sky
Show ball to the sky, keep elbow flexed slightly. Hand back - Elbow about level with shoulder.
Elbow leads ball, fingers behind ball. Throwing over the top increases accuracy and distance, and decreases the possibility of injury.
Ball will spin backwards if thrown properly.

Bring the Throwing Side Hip around on your follow through

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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