Keep The Elbow High

This easy-to-follow baseball drill reinforces the concept of keeping your elbow high as you make a throw. This is an important baseball tip that youth players can focus on to improve their throws.


Then next drill we're going to talk about is the Flip throw. This throw is very important because it helps us remember to keep our head above our shoulder when we're throwing. If you have a partner that can throw to you, all you're going to do is get into the power position and keep your elbow above the shoulder. When they throw it to you, you catch it, keeping your elbow above the shoulder and throw it to a target or anything else they have to throw into. If you don't have something to throw into, you can just catch it and leave your arm there to make sure you know what that feels like. Or, you can catch it and just fake a throw keeping your elbow above your shoulders the whole time. It would look like this, if you didn't have something to throw into.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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