Throwing from the Outfield

Outfielders need to throw the ball farther. Refrain from throwing the ball from the side. Throw over the top to get more carry and control.


Player 1: If we're playing catch, okay, and I'm an infielder, my arm motion is going to be more in here. I'm going to try to stay real close to my body, close to the vest. But I can look at you playing catch, and it looks like to me your arm is going a lot longer back in here.

Player 2: Right.

Player 1: To come forward. Am I seeing what I'm thinking?

Player 2: Yeah, I try to get a longer motion, you know. You have to throw pretty far in outfield. Have to throw the ball to second base, third base, home plate. So you have to get a little more power behind your throws in outfield.

Player 1: How do you get the longer arm? So do you try to get on top? You want to throw off to the side? What are you thinking there?

Player 2: I'm thinking, an outfielder, you never want to throw the ball from the side because you're getting a little sink and you're hurting your cutoff, man. You want to get on top so you get a little more carry, and you can have a little more control of the ball.

Player 1: So the arm motion should look more like this then? As an outfielder, back and here more?

Player 2: Right.

Player 1: As an infielder I want to stand here. A lot shorter.

Player 2: And quicker.

Player 1: And quicker.

Player 2: But here, you have a little more time in the outfield because you still have the base runner. He's running the base pass and you want to get a little power behind a throw so you can reach the base.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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