Snake Drill

A solid defensive drill for teaching the fundamentals of footwork, body positioning and movement to younger players.

Everyone lines up on the baseline.

Players sprint out to the free throw line, where they come to a stop, put their hands up as if to defend a shot or pass.

After a 1-second pause, they slide facing forward without letting their feet cross along the free throw line extended to the sidelines. (half go left, half go right)

Once each player gets to the sideline, they sprint along the sideline to the half court line. Stop and put your hands up in a defensive position.

Pause and begin shuffling back across the half court line to the center circle at mid-court, then sprint to the free throw line.

Stop at the free throw line, put your hands up in the stopped defensive position, then shuffle back to the sidelines and continue this until each player arrives at place across from where they began on the far baseline.

Download Document: iz07urfhi0.pdf

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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