Triple Threat Drill

Coaches require their basketball players to key in on three factors in this triple threat basketball drill: Call for the ball, plant and pivot and shoot from a clean position.


Female Coach: Let's go. Let's go. Hustle. Hustle. Cut. I want to see this. Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball! Stop pivot on your foot. I turn and I take my shot. Okay? I wanna see that. I wanna see when you coming, ask for the ball, pivot, and then I want you to bounce it off the back. Pass. Go to the other line. Ready.

Male Coach: Passer is just as important right here. Passer, you're here, triple threat. Okay? When she comes up, boom, I'm ready to make a good pass. But be triple threat, okay. You're up. Triple threat. Ready. Go. Good. Triple threat. Triple threat. Go. Good. 

Female Coach: Come on. Let's go. 

Male Coach: Check that pivot foot. 

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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