Line, Chest and Bounce Passes

Line, chest and bounce passes are important skills for every player, especially those new to the game. This video presents a basic yet useful basketball drill to help players solidify these skills. Line up two rows of player across from one another. On the passing end step forward and stay low, on the receiving end practice coming to the basketball, giving the passer a target, and receiving it with a jump stop so that you are in triple threat position.


Instructor: The next thing we're going to do, we're gonna line them up. You guys are gonna line up out here, and you're gonna pass across from each other. The basic passes that you're gonna three basic passes. One is the chest pass. The ball is here. You step, thumbs down just like this, and you wanna go low. You wanna emphasize staying low when you pass the ball. This is some of the tendencies that people have to do. Pass the ball like that. Also, on the receiving end, you need to be able to come to the ball and receive it. Okay, what we're gonna do is we're just gonna do chest passes. On go, this line's gonna chest pass over here. You guys gonna hold the ball until he says, "Go again" and you guys are gonna keep chest passing. Everybody should lunge out, thumbs down, come back into position. People receiving the ball, give them a target, come to the ball, and receive it. Ready? Go. Get low when you pass it.

Man: Go. Go.

Instructor: See the way it's coming to a jump stop when they receive the ball? All right, back up a little bit. Right there. Same thing. Look, they catching the ball in triple threat position. They ready to go when they receive the ball. Okay, now, we gonna go to the next pass. The next pass is just like the chest pass, but it's a bounce pass. This is the passes that you usually see with beginners. Bouncing it like that. What you want to do is the same thing, the same motion, but you're bouncing it three-quarters of the way to the player. Bounce it back. We step, and you still come to the ball and give them a target. Okay, ready? Let's do the bounce pass.

Man: Go. Triple threat. Go. Go. Go. Okay.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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