Shuffle Pass Drill

In this youth basketball drill, Magic Johnson explains that the shuffle pass drill is a great tool for improving footwork, passing and timing. Have two lines of players shuffle across the basketball court at the same pace, passing back and forth. Make sure to provide a good target for the passer and return solid passes.


Magic: Nigel you over there. That's Nigel?

Nigel: Yes.

Magic: You over there. You and I together. All right, here we go. We going to shuffle down Nig. Okay so now the main thing, this drill was good for not only passing, because you got to hit each other in the chest with the ball but it's also good for our footwork too so coach put in a good drill here because we are going to shuffle down. Make sure we stay same pace because you can't be ahead of me and I can't be ahead of you okay? All right so here we go. So c'mon on Nig. We going to be shuffling, uh oh, you got to get the hands ready. C'mon Nig. You're not ready. You got to be ready with me. C`mon here we go. Good, good. C`mon. Keep it down. Yeah. Okay, good. Let's go back. Uh oh. Uh oh. Can't drop it Nig. C'mon baby, go. C'mon Nig. Keep it going. Good. Good. Okay. 

Young lady, tall one. You with me let's Go. Here we go. Go shuffle. C'mon on. Good, good, good, good. Okay. We going back, good, good, good. Oh, I love it.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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