Offensive Rebounding with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Kenny Smith

In this basketball drill video, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar emphasizes the importance of offensive rebounding. Offensive rebounders always have a disadvantage because the defender already has the key positions covered. The goal is to get to the side and get your hands in next to the defender. Learn from greats like Dennis Rodman who could consistently block his man out and get the offensive rebounds.


Interviewer: What about if you're on the opposite end, let's say be the offensive rebound?

Man: Now offensive rebounding is at a disadvantage because the defense always has the initial key position. The whole idea for an offensive rebound is to make him commit to a position and try and get around him just to get to the side. If I can get to the side and get my hands in here all of a sudden it becomes an equal contest. It's no longer his advantage. For him to maintain this advantage he is going to want to keep me going around the outside and he's maintaining the inside. So if I can fake him and come inside, I get the offensive rebound.

Dennis Rodman comes to mind, Moses Malone great offensive rebounders. They had great instincts and they could leap, and they had great bodies that could deal with the contact because all these bodies in here going for the ball there is contact. If you can deal with that you can be a great offensive rebounder and if you consistently block your men out you're going to be a great defensive rebounder and a serious asset to your team.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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