Basic Jumps: Tuck and Spread Eagle

Learn the basic cheerleading jumps.  In this video we cover the tuck and spread eagle.


Here are two examples of some basic cheerleading jumps.

The first jump that Taylor is gonna show is called the "tuck jump".

If you notice, the prep is similar to a T jump. What you wanna make sure your a cheerleader you're doing is, you're lifting your knees to your stomach and not lifting your heels to your butt. Again, that was a tuck jump. Can you show that one more time?

Very good. The second jump is called the "spread eagle". You wanna make sure that you're driving your toes to the outside wall and you're hitting a high V motion while you're in the air. One more time, Taylor, please.

Beautiful. Very good. 

Release Date: Aug 27 2013

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