Motion Drills

This youth cheerleading video shows you how to take a group of basic cheerleading moves and put them together to create a cheerleading routine. These are some great motions that are part of many youth cheerleading routines.


Coach: Anthony and Taylor are going to help demonstrate motion drills. Motion drills are very important to practice cheering and dancing. We're going to show you the step-by-step, and then we're going to put it together to counts.

The first motion you want to hit is called high-V motion. You want to jump out and hit that high V nice and sharp, go straight to a clap, go straight to a low V, go back to the clap, hit a nice T-motion, break that T, hit a daggers motion, also known as broken touchdown, go straight up to your touchdown, and jump together clean.

We're going to do it a little bit faster, and I'm going to start by counting. Five, six, seven, eight, high-V, clap, low-V, clap, T, broken T, daggers, touchdown, clean.

Great job demonstrating, you guys.

Taylor: Thank you.

Anthony: Thanks.

Release Date: Aug 27 2013

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