Handstand and Forward Roll

Two fundamental gymnastics skills that are essential cheer moves are demonstrated in this video.


The next fundamental gymnastics skill we're going to work on is the Handstand and once that's mastered, the Handstand Forward Roll. What Taylor is going to do, she's going to turn to the side and she's going to step with her arms by her ears and lunge and kick up. Hold the Handstand, you want to notice how tight her toes are together, you want to make sure you can't pull your legs apart because she's squeezing so tight. And then when you're done you can step down, finish with your arms up. Very good Taylor. Once that is mastered we can work on the Handstand Forward Roll which incorporates two fundamental aspects of gymnastics.

So again she's going to lunge, kick up to the Handstand, hold that body position nice and tight, and then when she's ready she's going to lower herself down to that Forward Roll. Very good Taylor.

Release Date: Aug 27 2013

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