All-In-One Drill

In this youth lacrosse video, Coach Shields and his lacrosse players demonstrate a lacrosse drill that incorporates all the basic lacrosse skills your girls' lacrosse players will need to be complete players. These lacrosse skills include scooping, passing, catching, dodging, and over the shoulder catching.


The All-in-one drill is intended to give all the fundamental skills, scooping, passing, catching, dodging, and over-the-shoulder catching, all-in-one drill. So the idea is it emulates every skill you need to be a complete lacrosse player.

So, okay, you guys. This is the All-in-One drill, as you know, and we're really trying to practice good fundamentals, good ground balls. We're going to pick the ball up and do a give-and-go. We're going to dodge our teammate and then we're going to try and give her a good over-the-shoulder pass. She's going to roll it back out to the next girl in line.

And it practices all your fundamental skills. The closer we can get to game speed on this, the better you're going to be in the game at doing all of these things at full speed.

Yup, ground ball's away, yeah.

Yeah, ground balls too. Anything you want to give her.

Good. Practicing different kinds of dodges, rolling, face dodge.


All right. Now, remember when you're doing the all-in-one drill, you're intending to execute all the steps in exactly the way you learned them. Getting low with two hands on the ground ball. Protecting your stick, passing and catching with good target and good accuracy, and completing your dodge effectively in order to build all the skills you need to be a complete lacrosse player.

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Release Date: Jul 16 2013

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