Monster Invasion

A good soccer drill for soccer dribbling skills and learning the concept of the soccer field, this keep-away game instructs players to keep their pet soccer ball away from a monster and dribble away from soccer defenders.

Summary: Tell the players that a Monster is coming to try to steal their pet ball and that they must keep it away from the Monster by dribbling it around the field (tell them they must stay inside the field). The Coach or a parent is the monster. Ideas: drag your leg like Frankenstein, make monster noises, make a face, and say things like "Don't let me get your ball!!" But don't actually scare them. The idea is just to have them try to get away. Don't catch the players, just have fun.

Set-up: 1. A ball for every player. 2. Use disk cones or markers to make a square field about 10 steps by 10 steps (or smaller if you have only a few players).

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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