End to End

Most ball control soccer errors occur in a game when players are fatigued and soccer players stop moving to support the soccer ball. This attacking and ball control soccer drill rewards hard work and composure under pressure for players of all ages.

Set up: Divide grid into 3 zones with plenty of spare balls around perimeter. Two evenly matched teams are split into 2 parts each. Team 1 and half of team 2 begin in zone A: Team 1 attempt to keep possession from team 2. When possession is lost, team 2 run to join team-mates in zone B: Half of team 1 join them. Team 2 now attempt to keep possession from half of team 1 in zone B. When the ball is lost play reverts quickly to zone A with team 1 and the other half of team 2. The sequence continues for pre-determined time - 20 minutes for useful fitness.

Download Document: endtoend.pdf

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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