Team Passing

This youth volleyball drill is a fun way to help a team learn to work together, and keep the ball in the air.


Divide the court into 3 equal areas with a line across the length of the court. 8 players per small court.


  • Throw the ball across the net first time under arm with straight arms or 1 arm overhead and 1 straight arm underarm. These are all volleyball typical throws related to the real actions.
  • For every team the following rule counts after the ball is thrown the team rotates clockwise one turn.
  • Every time the ball is dropped the player that drops the ball has to leave the field, players rotate in a triangle and 2 players switch places. First team to loss all players losses the point.

Coaching Points

If a team catches the ball 3 times in a row one of the players on the side may join back in.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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