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Kids Can't Get to Soccer without It

“Before TeamSnap, did kids ever make it to their soccer games? I sort of doubt it.”

— Allan Hoffman, NJ.Com

TeamSnap ranked #1 by Mashable

“TeamSnap is the #1 tool for soccer moms and weekend warriors.”

— Doriano "Paisano" Carta, Mashable

Be a great team manager

“Online team management software, such as TeamSnap, let you know who will and won't be at a specific game, who's bringing snack, and who's paid their registration fees. You can even customize it to keep track of uniform sizes and more!”

— Emily Cohen, Youth Soccer Insider

A big thank you from a lot of moms

“I just want to say thank you for creating your web site. My hockey team is using it and everyone thinks it is just great. So a big thank you from a lot of moms who spent years watching their kids play hockey and finally decided to try the game themselves. We are having a blast.”

— Janet M.

So easy to work with, so easy to set up

“Wow!!! So far I love TeamSnap! It is so easy to work with. I'm one of those team moms who volunteers to help out way too much. My kids' soccer teams are on other websites that I could not work with, did not have the time to mess around, but yours was so easy to set up. I love it!!!”

— Barb K.

The most intuitive and easy-to-use Web application since Gmail

“It ain't easy being the captain of a recreational sports team. Everyone is constantly hassling me — When's the game? Do we have enough people? Who are we playing? Will there be beer? How much beer? Can I play shortstop? On and on and on. It's enough to drive a sane manager into Lou Piniella-crazy territory. Which is why TeamSnap is my new favorite website. Beyond its sheer handiness, TeamSnap is the most intuitive and easy-to-use Web application since Gmail. A half-drunk lobotomized chimp could register a team. And probably play shortstop.”

— Margaret Lyons, TimeOut Chicago

A smart new Rails-based product

“TeamSnap is a smart new Rails-based product that lets people manage recreational or youth-league sports team online. It's well done too. Useful concept, great presentation, attention to detail, smart marketing site, nice buttons/icons, friendly, etc.”

— Matt Linderman, 37 Signals

Get Everyone Together and Active with TeamSnap

“Managing a team for coed, intramural or beer league sports can be a tricky thing. Tracking down team members, arranging and sharing game time and location information, and keeping track of who's paid what and who's in need of equipment or uniforms or things like that can all present quite a challenge. TeamSnap takes a lot of that trickiness out of the process, and there's a free plan, so it works on any budget.”

— Darrell Etherington, Web Worker Daily

TeamSnap is a great team management solution

“Last year, my school's softball team won very few games. Some blamed our lack of skill, some blamed the beer drinking prior to our games, but I blame the lack of a great web 2.0 team management service. If only TeamSnap had been around last semester, maybe our team would have won a few more games. No more excuses for being unorganized and forgetting a game or for not remembering refreshments (yes it helps with that too), because TeamSnap is a great team management solution.”

— Brandon West, Rev2.org

Fast and easy

“A fast, easy, web-based way to manage your recreational or youth-league sports team online.”

— Emily Chang, eHub

Well thought out and designed

“Anybody who has coached or managed a sports team knows how much work is involved. Managing team rosters, fees and event schedules is a time consuming chore. TeamSnap aims to simplify the management of the various aspects of running any sort of team by providing an online destination, a CRM tool of sorts for amateur sports management. It's a well thought out and designed site. Built in is support for rosters, scheduling, player availability and payment tracking. Messaging includes a private forum and bulk email distribution lists. Photo sharing comes standard and for those who love their numbers, statistics can also be entered. But let's not forget the important things, like who brings the refreshments! They've got a section just for that as well.”

— Duncan Riley, TechCrunch

TeamSnap is a really, REALLY nice site

“TeamSnap is quite simply the bees' knees. It is an application built on Rails designed to help people manage their amateur sports teams online, and it's one of the best executed pieces of communication design I've seen in awhile. Not only is the site beautiful but everything is exactly where it should be. Within seconds, you know exactly what you can do with TeamSnap and exactly where to click in order to get started. I've always thought the most interesting social networks out there were not pure social networks but rather networks built around an existing subject matter. While TeamSnap may look on the outside like a beautifully executed organizational tool, it's actually social software built around one of the most technologically dormant (and ripe) social constructs around: recreational sports.”

— Mike Davidson, Mike Industries

There is no learning curve; like Apple's iPhone, it just comes to you

“From the getgo, I instantly realized that there was something different about TeamSnap. What was it? I didn't need to learn the interface. There was no learning curve; like Apple's iPhone, it just came to you. Instantly. In my opinion, that's the mark of a truly impressive user interface, and an important aspect of any application. TeamSnap was for me; it was simple, got the job done, and worked the same way I did. What's not to like about that? I think TeamSnap.com is without a doubt a very powerful tool. In the hands of a team that wants to evolve, its going to be one of the seemingly small things that ultimately make a big difference. Thus, on behalf of Gaming Lessons, I firmly recommend TeamSnap. Things don't get much better than this.”

— Gaming Lessons

Easy, intuitive, and feature-rich

“Easy, intuitive, and feature-rich service to manage your sports team online. Keep track of upcoming events, track team performance, follow up on due payments and fees, communicate with players, post and share team photos and lots more.”



“My team and I just wanted to say how great this site is. You have done a great job! Keep up the good work! We all work for Yahoo! and manage our own internet application so we can always appreciate great work like this!”

— Shane F.

The interface is refreshingly clean

“I've just started using TeamSnap today and, while I haven't used all of it, it addresses those things that make being a team captain a real pain in the rear. The interface is refreshingly clean and I'm guessing that most of my adult team members will actually use it.”

— Ron H.

Been wishing for something like this for years

“Great job guys. Love the site and have been wishing for something like this for years. Thanks!”

— Brad G.

Very, very easy to use

“I must say I'm impressed by your product. Being in web development myself, I can appreciate even more what you've done. Very professional look, very, very easy to use too.”

— Julie N.

Awesome site & app

“Just wanted to let you know how awesome your site/app are. It's a pain trying to organize team activities for my company soccer team online when your scheduling is done on one site, dues collection is done by a single person with a spreadsheet only they have, pictures are in a shared Google Doc folder, etc. Using TeamSnap instead has made it a breeze!”

— Dan S.

I'm switching over to TeamSnap

“I think the overall design and layout of the site is excellent. All in all, this is a terrific application. I manage my own team website because I'm a web designer by trade, but the great functionality you offer is making me think that I'm switching over to TeamSnap.”

— Brendan S.


“THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I am a rookie coach and I was looking for something intutive to keep my team organized. Your site is the solution! Exactly what I need! Did I say...thank you?!!”

— John M.

Really great and much fun

“I just wanted to say, that this is really great and much fun. It helps the Coaches and Team Managers to have everything at first sight. It makes the whole coordination for the season much easier.”

— Sabrina O.

Very cool, very elegant and VERY SIMPLE

“Wow, this is a very cool, very elegant and VERY SIMPLE system to use. Granted, I'm not techno-phobe, but it took me about 5 minutes to get our team to the point where there was enough information to start evaluating it. Our main league site has a very good scheduling, stats and game system, but doesn't really do anything for the management of the team. Your system seems to handle it with aplomb.”

— Tom M.

Easy enough for people like me who don't know much about the computer

“This really great, easy enough for people like me who don't know much about the computer. I'm loving it already. I normally have my co-captain do all this kind of stuff for our team. Now I can probably do it or at least help. It's user friendly, that's one thing for sure!”

— Peter C.

A very user-friendly site for a somewhat reluctant computer user

“So far, a very user-friendly site for a somewhat reluctant computer user. I don't ‘do' web-browsing and I use e-mail as a handy tool but only because I've figured out how to make tasks faster. If a site makes my work go faster (not having to spend so much time learning how to use it!), then I'm likely to use it and also recommend it to my other ‘non-user' friends. Thanks for the opportunity!”

— Tami C.

So well thought out that it's easy and just plain cool

“Hi! I've been itching to try TeamSnap for a while now and since I'm co-manager this season, I've gotten that opportunity. And I must say I am super impressed!! The features are so well-thought out that it's easy and just plain cool. Thanks and keep up the nice work!!”

— Angie H.

Un gros MERCI pour votre support, c'est super d'avoir un site dont les gens qui le gèrent prennent le temps de nous aider...

“A big THANK YOU for your support, it's super to have a site where the folks who run it take the time to help us...”

— Huguette

Makes managing my team a lot less stressful

“This is awesome and makes managing my team a lot less stressful.”

— Terry O.

Makes me feel like I'm involved

“Thank you so much for this great site. My niece and nephew live in another state but your site makes me feel like I'm involved in their team! It's wonderful. This site is very well designed and user friendly. Keep up the good work! and THANK YOU!”

— Cindy D.

More power to Teamsnap. You have improved my life, my passion, and work.

“I have been using Teamsnap for almost 2 years now and Teamsnap have helped me tremendously in managing my dance company's members, performance schedule, availability, and communication.”

— Eric S.

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