The Bucket Drop Drill

Top pitching coach Cheri Kempf demonstrates a great drill for

Baseball Pitching: Triangle Pick Drill

Highly regarded pitching coach Pat McMahon explains the triangle

How to Own the Pitch

Baseball Coach Pat Ahearne teaches youth baseball players how to

Fastball Grip

Cindy Bristow from Softball Excellence helps pitchers learn the

5 Softball Pitching Tips to Make You Successful

As a softball pitcher you should know that your position on the

Drill 5 - Play a Game

Purpose: To experience game-like pressure during pitching

Long Toss

Purpose: To practice getting under the ball for rise-ball

Basket Throws

Purpose: To focus on making the ball drop by using a visual

Speed Pitching

Purpose: To develop speed while throwing to a catcher.

Wall Pitching (Softball Pitching)

Purpose: To develop speed without worrying about accuracy.

Fastball Basics

Watch the basics behind the the pitching motion in fastpitch

Fastball Grip & Release

Watch some drills to help your pitchers learn the proper

Change Up Grips

Discover the different grips your pitchers can use to throw the

Pitching Mechanics

Grip, footwork and body placement are delivery mechanics that are

Pitching Drills

Softball success starts on the mound. Two softball pitching

Resistance Drill

Using an elastic resistance band, this drill helps pitchers get

Elastic Drill

A great drill for older pitchers to work on accuracy and pitch

Speed Drill

The Speed Drill utilizes a larger medicine ball in a bowling

Rise Ball Drill

A good drill that helps pitchers get their weight back and

The Tape Drill

A spinning drill you can do anywhere that uses a roll of tape to

Heavy Ball Drill

Working on flexibility with a heavy ball, using a slower arm

Fixing a Straight Curveball

Examining some of the causes of and correcting the body mechanics

Weighted Ball

Throwing with weighted balls helps develop arm strength and

Frisbee Drill

Replicating the motion of a wrist snap on a curve ball switches

Bucket Drill

A very hard drill, this aimed throwing concept gets pitchers to

String Zone Drill

A great drill to work on for getting pitchers accustomed to

Power Line Drill

The object of this drill is to develop a consistency in your

Three Drills for Increasing Speed

Coach Ernie Parker, a world-renowned coach, shares three drills

Correcting Crow-Hopping

Get rid of that ugly (and illegal) hop in your pitching motion

Glove Snaps 2

A series of drills a pitcher can do during practice or by herself

Stationary Drill

A great drill for measuring and increasing arm speed, using a

Hand Dexterity Drills

A quick and easy way to improve control over your hand and

The Grip

Correctly gripping the ball in your hand for pitches, focusing

Downswing and Arm Whip

The ending of the pitch is absolutely the most important part

Prepitch Stance and Routine

Developing a consistent approach to the mound begins behind the

Natural Fielding Position

Pitchers should not be taught to square around after their

Power Foot Motion

The Power Foot, or the back foot, is where velocity and

The Power Line

Attention pitchers: Before picking up a ball or dong any drill,

Monica Abbott: Using Your Legs for Power

In this youth softball drill, Monica Abbott explains why

Monica Abbott: Routine on the Mound

USA Softball pitcher Monica Abbott talks about establishing a

Entertaining on Offdays

As a softball pitcher, Jennie Finch doesn't play softball

The Screwball

In this youth softball drill, Jennie Finch explains that the

The Rise Ball

In this youth softball drill, Olympic gold medalist and

Footwork Driving Off the Mound

Even before you grab a ball, a pitcher must master the basics

The Upswing

Demonstrating the mechanics of the pitching arm and shoulder

Three Step Drill

A basic drill for pitchers that is great for warming up. It

Three Points

Goal: To create competition and pressure for the pitcher when

Fast and Slow

Goal: To practice changing speeds. How to Do It: Pairing off

Delayed Arm Rotation

Why maintain the same arm speed every pitch? The rulebook states

Wrist Strengthening

squeeze hand grips roll up weight hanging from stick wrist

Shoot Out

2 pitchers face each other at 40 feet; upon the signal, both

Five Point Game

Start with 5 points, award one point for each strike & minus

Pitch Under Right Leg

Like a pitching from the knee drill with a twist: Put left knee

Speed Pitches

Throw as many pitches as possible in time limit, rest 30 seconds,

Rapid Fire

From knee, line up 10 balls on floor, pitch each as fast as

3-ball Drill

From stride or from knee drill position, pitcher starts with 2

Rainbow Tosses

Using full motion at 40 ft, pitch ball as high as possible into

Long Distance Throws

Take progressive steps back from the mound until pitches no

Push-Up Explosions

Start in push-up position except put your right foot even with

One leg explosions

Start on balance with stride leg up, explode out as far as

Left Slide Glides

Practice a smooth leap & drag; put both feet together, lift


Leaving left leg in the air & leaning back, pitch while

Whiffle balls

Earn fingertip control by doing knee drills & full motion.

Glove Snaps

Do these every day & between pitches in games to practice

Five Basic Steps to Pitching

Coach Corral's basic steps to pitching include the setup, the

Five Principles of Pitching

Five basic principles of pitching: Generate energy

Leg Kick

The leg kick is used to maintain balance and control of the ball

J.J. Putz: Pitching Grips

Mets reliever J.J. Putz demonstrates a variety of grips,

Joba Chamberlain: Different Pitching Grips

Joba Chamberlaing demonstrates how to throw a variety of pitches

Joba Chamberlain: Throwing a Fastball

Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain on his game-changing fastball,

One Knee Drill

The Knee Drill can be performed by pitchers of all ages and is a

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