Campaign Snapshot: AXE Takes Anti-Bullying Message to the Field (as seen on BRAND United)

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This article, authored by LeagueSide CEO Evan Brandoff, was originally published on BRAND United.

Unilever’s AXE brand, a world leader in make grooming products, launched a new line of hair paint with a mission to do much more than sell hair products. They were on a mission to help Gen Z guys feel more confident about who they are.

Using LeagueSide’s platform, AXE sponsored youth soccer and lacrosse organizations in 14 key markets across the country.

Through its LeagueSide sponsorships, AXE achieved a 46% lift in brand favorability and an 84% improvement in brand sentiment, with 44% attribution of brand awareness to youth sports sponsorship.

All while helping kids feel more confident and teaching a valuable lesson of treating one another with respect.

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AXE campaign photo with lacrosse players

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