Featured image: How to Measure Outdoor Advertising and Local Sponsorships

How to Measure Outdoor Advertising and Local Sponsorships

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Measuring the unmeasurable

How do you measure an effective broadcast or out-of-home (OOH) marketing campaign, or a local sponsorship campaign?

Working in collaboration with expert marketers, we’ve developed an industry-validated approach to isolate and measure the true impact of a campaign on a consumer’s purchase journey. Here’s a quick look at insights we’ve gained on a few examples that can supercharge your data-driven marketing decisions:

  1. Unaided Brand Recall – provides insight into overall brand awareness. Targeted campaigns can make a bigger and longer lasting impact on this metrics compared to broader campaigns.
  2. Aided Brand Recall – isolates and measures the effectiveness of a campaign itself as consumers specifically think about interactions with a particular brand. Repeated exposure often helps drive this.
  3. Brand Favorability – an indirect signal of purchase intent. The context and media channel a brand chooses can either strengthen or weaken the the performance of this metric. For example, ads viewed in stressful situations (i.e. a billboard while sitting in bumper to bumper traffic) might create negative association.
  4. Likeliness to Choose – a strong signal or purchase intent. When this metric is high or has seen significant improvement, brands should couple this with compelling offers and/or create urgency to capitalize.

LeagueSide campaigns are a great way to positively impact the above metrics. Our offering gives brands a unique opportunity to have meaningful, positive, targeted and relevant engagement with existing and potential customers.

As part of every LeagueSide campaign, we provide clients with performance on these metrics and much more. Reach out to us to access case studies on how clients have used LeagueSide to market effectively and have the measurement to back it up.

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