Pike and Toe Touch

The pike and the toe touch are important intermediate jumps that are part of many youth cheerleading routines. This youth cheerleading video explains the techniques that cheerleaders need for performing these jumps.


Next, I'm gonna have Taylor demonstrate some intermediate jumps. These jumps require a little bit more height and a little bit more flexibility, so it's important to practice your splits.

The first jump Taylor's gonna be doing is called a pike. First, she's gonna do it from the side view, and then from the front view so you can see the proper body position.

Beautiful. As you noticed, as Taylor reaches for her jump, she's bringing her legs up with her feet together and reaching for her toes. Now, from the front, so you can see the other view.

Beautiful. It's important, as much as you're folding your body in half, it's important to remember not to reach and drop your chest too much.

The next jump is called a toe touch, which requires a lot of flexibility.

Beautiful. If you noticed, the proper placement for this jump is arms in a T-motion and legs reaching towards the ceiling with the toes up and the knees up. One more time, Taylor.

Beautiful. Very good.

Release Date: Aug 27 2013

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