Sliding Technique

Getting young players to slide effectively is a key part of coaching girls' softball. A player will develop confidence and a strong sliding technique with these softball tips.


One of the most important skills in base running is sliding. It is important to teach a young athlete how to slide so they can avoid collisions and they can be in the best position to avoid attack. The drill that we're going to show is a drill to teach your young athletes how to slide and not hurt themselves. What we have here is we have the Slide-Rite, we have two coaches. The coaches are going to take their backhand. They're going to assist the sliding athlete through their slide. So the athlete won't get hurt on this slide and they can build confidence.

It's very important that the coaches keep their knees bent and they go with the athlete through the slide. The athletes are gonna go quarter speed, remember to tuck one of their legs under their knee, and to keep their hands high.

As the athlete gains more confidence, they can gain more speed. Eventually they will only hit the coach's hand as they come through their slide. You can coach each athlete through their slide. If you want them to lean back further, you just tell them to lean back further. If you want them to tuck their leg a little longer, you tell them to tuck their leg longer. If you want them to run faster, you can tell them to run faster. So you can coach your whole team with this sliding drill very quick.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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