Bounce Throw Competition

Objective: Work on getting your outfielders to throw the ball to home on a bounce (or two) rather than on the fly. It is easier for the catcher to see the ball and less likely for the catcher to get hurt.

Put a base 15'-20' in front of home plate. The outfielder should hit that base with the throw, which should then bounce once or twice to home. Outfielders stand 120'-140' from home plate in a line. The ball is tossed to the outfielder who then throws home.

Scoring: - more than two bounces = 2 points, - two bounces = 3 points, - one bounce = 4 points, - no bounce, but good throw on the fly = 1 point.

Each player gets as many throws as time allows. High score wins.

From "A Softball Coach's Toolkit"

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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