Outfield Fly Ball Mechanics


Similar to the infielders, all outfielders should be encouraged to focus immediately as the pitch is released. This can be the same right left hop footwork to ensure that the athlete is on the balls of his feet and ready to react.


First step back! Any time a ball is hit in the air, an athlete's first step is back. Specifically, on a ball to his right side, the athlete is to step back with his right leg and open up to judge distance. A ball hit in the air on his left, the athlete is to dropstep with his left leg. The next step is to read how hard the ball is hit to decide to charge or go back on the baseball. Any fly ball hit short requires the athlete to charge in.


For a ball hit behind the outfielder, the athlete is to dropstep followed by a crossover step. On a ball to his right, the dropstep will be with the right foot followed by a left foot crossover step. For a ball hit to his left, the dropstep will be with the left foot followed by a right foot crossover step. Sounds complicated it's simple and it works!

4. GO!

Run down the baseball and make the catch.

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Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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