Fielding Fly Balls

A girls' softball coach breaks down how to catch a fly ball. These softball tips stress keeping both hands high and bringing down the softball with "soft" hands. Learn how hand position is key.


A little more advanced drill for our outfielders in catching a fly ball. It's not just your standard ball that sits and you get underneath it like we just went through. Sometimes as an outfielder you're going to have to move to the ball. That would mean opening up to the ball, whether it's opening up glove side, or opening up the opposite direction. 

Now, what I'm going to do with Monica is I'm going to toss them a little further and a little farther. It's going to force her to open up and really track the ball. Once she catches it, play it, toss me the ball back. It's okay if she misses one. Are you ready? Go. Go. Go. Catch up to it. And one more, go. Nice catch. As you can see, that's an effective, time saving drill that really gets the girls to open up and keep their eye on the ball in the outfield.

Release Date: Jul 17 2013

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