Bunt Defense Drill

This drill provides many repetitions of players fielding a bunt and throwing to a specific base.

Five players are positioned at C, P, 1B, 2B, 3B. The remaining players are placed along the first base line and will rotate into the drill at the catching position. Empty buckets are placed at 1B, 2B, 3B. The coach and a full bucket of balls are positioned at home plate.

The drill starts with the coach bunting, or rolling, a ball to the pitcher. The pitcher fields the ball and throws to third base. The 3B puts the ball in the bucket at third base.

Next the coach bunts, or rolls, a ball to the 1B who fields the ball and throws to second base. The 2B puts the ball in the bucket at second base. Next roll a bunt to the 3B who throws to first base. The 1B puts the ball in the bucket at first base. Finally roll a bunt for the C who throws to the 2B covering first base. The 2B puts the ball in the bucket at first base.

Then the coach begins the second series and finally the third series. Players then rotate as follows: Sitting to C, C to P, P to 3B, 3B to 2B, 2B to 1B, 1B to Sitting. The drill then resumes at the beginning.

The series of plays are: P - 3B, 1B 2B, 3B 1B, C 2B @ 1B; P - 1B, 1B 2B @ 1B, 3B 2B @ 2B, C 3B; P - 2B, 1B 3B, 3B 2B @ 1B, C-1B.

When the coaches bucket is empty the players at first, second and third base bring in their buckets and put the balls in the coach's bucket. The players then return to their positions with the empty buckets.

- Proper technique in fielding a bunt.
- Throwing the ball to a specific base.
- Second baseman gets practice moving to first base and receiving a throw.

Receiving the ball at the base (fielders can either simulate a tag or just touch the base).

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Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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