Outfield Loop

Purpose: This softball drill is to field an assortment of batted balls and to field with different footwork positions. To throw to different bases and to condition.

Number of players: 5-9

Procedure: Players are in left field and at second (with a ball) and third base, with a player catching and fungo hitter at the plate. One player works through all the defensive players that follow.
1. A ground ball is hit to the left fielder who throws it home.
2. The left fielder runs into center field where the second baseman throws a fly ball. The player catches the fly and throws it to second base.
3. Then the player runs into right field where the second baseman throws a ground ball toward the foul line. The player fields the ball and throws to third base.
4. Lastly, the player runs to left field where the batter hits her a ground ball which is thrown home.

After the player completes the circuit, the outfielder becomes the catcher at home, the catcher rotates to third base, third base rotates to second base, and second base rotates to left field. Additional players are waiting their turns at the outfield position.

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Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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