The Triangle Drill

Split your fielders up into 3 even groups and put them at the points of the triangle.

Coach stands at point #3.

Coach hits the ball to fielder at point 1.

Fielder at point 1 throws to player at point 2.

Player at point 2 catches the ball and throws to the player standing next to the coach at point 3.

Players follow their ball after they make a throw. (player standing next to the coach will run to point 1 after receiving the ball from point 2 and giving it to the coach).

Repeat until all players back into their original spots. Of course, you can make them go more than one round if you wish.

For the drill described above the ball will go in a clockwise direction around the triangle. You can also reverse the direction and have the player practice their footwork for getting the ball around the triangle in the counter-clockwise direction.

You may also vary the distance of the players. Bring them in closer for practice with quick short throws. Move them away to practice footwork for longer throws.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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