Balloon Drill

This drill will help to teach the players the right stride length to take when they are hitting. Don't drop the balloon.

What you need (set up): Line up 6 batters with nearly filled balloons. Don't fill the balloons up too much, as they will pop too easily. All batters should have bats and helmets to start.

How this drill works: As you can imagine from the beginning segment of this drill, that the balloon cannot touch the ground. The ball should be placed between the thighs of the batter and then they should assume their batting stance. When a batter strides forward on their swing, they need to keep the balloon from falling to the ground.

Results: This drill helps players learn to not overstep when they are going to strike the ball. If the balloon drops, the player needs to recognize that they have taken too large a stride and that they need shorten it up.

Balance is extremely important in making solid contact with the ball and will help a player develop hitting consistency. Striding too far throws that balance off-kilter and doesn't allow for power hitting.

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Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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