Speed Throw

Divide the team into groups of two. If an uneven number of players are present use a coach to fill one group. One member of each group stands on one baseline, the other member on the opposite baseline.

Space groups appropriately to allow for safety. Each group has a ball. On "GO" each team begins throwing the ball back and forth across the field. Each time a team completes one throw and catch they count one point. If the throw is bad, or the ball is not caught, the teams score goes to zero.

Allow thirty to sixty seconds for the round and call "STOP".

Each team gives its score. The team with the highest score wins and each of those two players gets one point. Then rotate to the left so that all the teams are different.

When all teams are set and have a ball, start another round as above. Run as many rounds as the time allotted for the game will allow.

At the conclusion the player(s) with the most points are the winner (s).

Teaching points: some players will try to keep their throws soft so as not to make an error and have their team score go to zero. Stress that the objective is to throw as hard and fast as possible and develop throwing and catching skills, not just get the best score in this game. Concentrate on developing a good rhythm of moving to the ball to catch it and continuing on with the throwing motion.

This is also a good time to watch your players and see who uses two hands and catches the ball properly. After running this contest for several practices the best fielders will almost always end up with the highest number of points.

(See attached diagram)

Reprinted with permission from A Softball Coaches Tool Kit

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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