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Sports Registration

Make 2024 youth sports registration streamlined and hassle-free

Registration is the foundation for any successful sports organization. Without registration, there’s really no way to build and fill programs. Before you can dive into registration, there are some critical steps you need to take.

Best Youth Sports Registration Software

Youth sports organizers everywhere are turning to registration software in order to make their process streamlined and hassle-free. While the idea of finding the perfect registration provider may seem intimidating, we’re here to help.

The term “registration provider”, in its most basic form, refers to the company that makes the technology system used to register participants and collect applicable fees. However, this also can refer to a broader set of features including assigning players to teams, scheduling, websites, completing background checks, and other tools to facilitate communications between administrators/coaches and your participants.

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Youth sports organizers should look for a couple of key factors when considering registration providers:

  • Crossing arrows icon flexible

    Flexible: Is the provider easy to use for your staff? Arguably more importantly, is the provider easy to use for parents and families? You should also look for mobile compatibility

  • Pen and profile icon: Customization

    Customization: Ensure you are able to customize the form to fit all of your organization’s unique needs. 

  • Two gears Integrated

    Integrated: How easily does your new registration provider integrate with your daily operations? Is it seamless to assign players to teams and seasons? How about sharing contact information with the right parties? Do you work with a governing body?

  • Gear with check mark icon accessibility

    Accessibility: Examine the tools your new provider has for making your programs more accessible. Are there tools such as payment plans, waitlists, or user-friendly fee structures?
    These are just a few major factors to consider!

Building Sports Registration Forms

How to Get Sports Registration Online

Registration Mistakes to Avoid

We know sports registration can be a busy time of year, and let’s face it, a little stressful. Nothing slows your preseason prep down like accidental mistakes during registration. To help, we put together this quick list of the most common pitfalls of sports registration so your club or league can avoid them and launch registration smoothly!

  • Number 1

    Building Your Sports Registration Form(s) At the Last Minute

  • Number 2

    Not Sharing Registration Information In Advance

  • Number 3

    Complicated Fee Structures & Discounts

  • Number 4

    Forgetting To Test Your Sports Registration

To better understand the registration process and what mistakes to avoid, check out this helpful article, 5 Common Registration Traps And How To Avoid Them.

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Expert Tips Before Launching Registration

We’ve talked extensively about how important registration is. That’s why we teamed up with a registration expert to get your season off to its strongest start. Here are five expert tips to consider before launching your online registration.

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5 Expert Tips Before Launching Online Registration

  • Tip #1: Start Early
  • Tip #2: What information do I need for registration?
  • Tip #3: Think outside-the-box with creative marketing
  • Tip #4: Test things out
  • Tip #5: Understand your payment and fees
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Ultimate Timeline for Sports Registration Setup

Time for one final piece of preparation advice for youth sports registration: set yourself up with a perfect timeline! One of the easiest ways to plan registration for your sports organization is to think about it at the beginning of every new year. While many sports organizations may open registration multiple times throughout the year, it’s always helpful to think about your game plan for the entire year to best target your clients.

The Only Timeline You’ll Ever Need For Registration

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