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Youth Sports Fundraising 101

Empowering affordability: a step-by-step guide to raising money, sponsorships, and fundraising on TeamSnap for Business

Creating opportunities for every aspiring athlete in your community is a monumental task. But, it’s one of the most important ones. Before we get into the logistical details of setting up your individual programs, coaches, seasons, and teams, let’s tackle another big topic: affordability.  How can we make our programs more accessible? Fortunately, there are numerous ways to accomplish this important task. Fundraising, collecting donations, sponsorships, and processing money are just a few ways to trim down the costs of running a sports league. Let’s dive in!

How to Make Your Youth Sports Programs More Affordable

At TeamSnap, we want to cut down affordability as a barrier for any prospective athlete. We want to lower costs for the players, the families, and every other member of the community involved.

According to the Aspen Institute, families spend nearly $900 annually on one child’s main sport. Seriously. That doesn’t include families with multiple children or a youth athlete who plays multiple sports.

Sports organizers across the industry are doing their best to battle these driving costs. TeamSnap for Business shares six different ways to make your programs more affordable in 2023.. and beyond!

Ways to Increase Your Sports Organization's Bottom Line

Another way to ensure the success of your programs, and trickle that success down to the affordability of your programs, is by ensuring efficient payment collection. Efficient payment collection will help boost your bottom line, saving your members money every step of the way.

We recently sat down with Katie McMahon Gates (Executive Director of Pride Girls Lacrosse), Nick Rundell (TeamSnap Sales Manager), and Laura Lugo (TeamSnap Customer Success Lead) to discuss five unique ways to collect payments on TeamSnap for Business. Watch the full webinar!

How to Get Sponsorship Money for Youth Sports

Sponsorships are one of the best ways to supplement income for your organization and drive down costs for every member. But, how exactly do you go about getting sponsorship companies and dollars on board?

Youth sports sponsorships or grants can take various forms, such as sponsoring team uniforms, equipment, facilities, travel expenses, tournaments, and events. Brands can also offer educational programs, scholarships, and mentorship opportunities to young athletes.

A few helpful tips to get sponsorship for your youth sports team.

  • Number 1

    Get Support From Your Local Community

  • Number 2

    Start Your Online Presence

  • Number 3

    Think About Grants

  • Number 4

    Write the Perfect Sports Sponsorship Letter

  • Number 5

    Sign Up for the Best Youth Sports Sponsorship Tool

Sponsorship Forms for Youth Sports

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An effective sponsorship form will help convey your organization’s mission and beliefs to the wide world of businesses. You’ll want to create a compelling sponsorship form that showcases the value of sponsoring your organization and maintaining your organization’s goals and objectives throughout.

Some helpful tips for crafting an effective sponsorship form:

  • Number 1

    Begin with an introduction and your organization’s purpose

  • Number 2

    Highlight the main benefits of sponsoring your organization

  • Number 3

    Include options for customization: different levels of budget, different types of placements

  • Number 4

    Show the impact sponsorship dollars have on your organization

  • Number 5

    Include contact information 

  • Number 6

    Provide payment details, terms, conditions

  • Number 7

    Say thanks!

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