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5 Facts Marketers Should Know About Parents as Consumers

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5 Facts Marketers Should Know About Parents as Consumers

The Chief Household Officer (CHO) must take into account multiple interests with each purchase they make. Marketers that can make those decisions easier for them and create a positive experience overall are more likely to win. The CHO is responsible for making purchase decisions on behalf of their families and shopping for various products and services. Busy parents are always on the lookout for brands that can make their customer experiences easier and more efficient. Here are 5 facts marketers should know about parents as consumers. 

Fact 1: Parents Use Tech, A Lot! 

Today’s parents are avid tech users. They distribute their time across many devices and media; whether that’s a cellphone, iPad, tablet, headphones — the list is endless. According to The 2023 Parents as Consumers Report, parents spend an average of three hours a day using mobile apps, an hour and a half listening to the radio, two hours surfing the internet for personal use, and an hour and a half streaming audio content and watching TV. Brands that make it easier to access and purchase products through technology will win their business.

Fact 2: Youth Sports Affect How and Why Parents Shop

parents consider several factors when deciding where to shop, particularly for food. A lot of times, a child’s extracurricular activities and sports will play a major role in the parent(s) decision to pack food, buy food, or order food.

42% of TeamSnap families are a 4+ person household, which means they may choose big-box stores for bulk purchases to feed the crew. When it comes to shopping, a busy youth sports parent is looking for convenience and the most cost effective choice – because chances are they are buying a lot. 

Big-box stores are a go-to for the sports parent because the bang-for-your-buck aspect makes it an easy choice when feeding not only your family, but possibly the carpool passengers as well. These parents will also likely choose quick-serve restaurants because they are on-the-go. A busy soccer mom will be more inclined to swing into Panera pre-match than a formal sit-down lunch because time is tight, the kids have a game to play, and this is a nutritious and dependable choice. A lot of parents strictly pick quick-serve restaurants and local stores because they are convenient. 

In fact, when it comes to youth sports parents, 43% of parents adjust their meals based on their child’s athletic events.

Fact 3: Kids’ Interests Drive Parents’ Purchase Decisions 

43% of parents go to sporting goods stores in search of a specific item. One example would be a dedicated basketball dad looking to get his daughter a pair of basketball sneakers before the upcoming season. Chances are that dad is heading to the sporting goods store to see what’s in stock for that specific need. If brands can tap into these specific needs of youth sports parents, they will have an advantage and build brand loyalty. If a parent is able to find what they are specifically looking for there’s a high likelihood that they will recommend it. The better the quality also improves the purchase decision. 

33% of youth sports parents purchase items based on quality. Brands that can cater to these needs and offer excellent customer service will have an advantage in this market.

Fact 4: Hotels: Convenience, Price and Amenities for the Win! 

For parents that are traveling with their families, the name of the game is comfort and convenience. In fact, 87% of TeamSnap parents take the whole family when traveling for youth sports. So, when it comes to traveling with their families, parents prioritize specific amenities and convenience when choosing where to stay. 

For example, 45% of parents select a hotel based on its proximity to their destination, while 42% select based on amenities. Brands that offer family-friendly amenities, such as pools, laundry machines, and parking, will appeal to parents as consumers.

Fact 5: Parents Have A Lot of Buying Power

In conclusion, parents as consumers have significant buying power and play a vital role in the economy. Brands that understand parents’ spending habits, prioritize convenience and efficiency, and offer family-friendly amenities will succeed in this market. 

For the fifth fact, it only feels right to touch on how families sizes of 4+ are willing to spend a considerable amount of money on youth sports activities. 

46% of athlete households spend $1,000 or more annually on youth sports alone and the athletes in these families have tremendous influence over purchase decisions. Understanding this market can help brands tailor their products and services to appeal to this demographic. To learn more about parents as consumers, don’t forget to download our full report: The 2023 Parents as Consumers Report.

Want to learn more about how to influence the chief household officer? Check out our eBook, Increasing Purchase Intent: The Playbook for Marketers.

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