Featured image: 5 Ways Brands Can Get Involved in The 2024 Paris Olympics

5 Ways Brands Can Get Involved in The 2024 Paris Olympics

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If you’re a brand that hasn’t bought into the ‘Olympic Partner Programme’, also known as the highest level of sponsorship that grants global marketing rights to the Olympic games, there’s still a way for you to score a brand win this summer. 


Let’s explore five creative ways brands can become part of the conversation around games this summer in Paris..


If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. 


Brands can tap into the spirit of the Olympics by hosting watch parties that celebrate the competition.  Not only will this increase your brand visibility for the masses watching the Games, but also is a great way to engage the community of sports fans.. Organize public or private viewing parties and events where fans can gather to watch the Olympics. Enhance these events with brand-specific activities, giveaways, and interactive elements.


Peacock recently announced that it booked top female podcaster Alex Cooper of “Call Her Daddy” to host live watch parties from Paris. Peacock has tapped into a new genre of fans who want to watch sports with live,entertaining commentary. This live event and watch party will bring the “Call Her Daddy” brand and Peacock to fans, groups, and spectators in Paris and beyond.


Take to social media. 


It’s not rocket science to marketers, but social media is one of the best ways to engage an audience without actually being at a live event.  Through the use of Instagram stories, LinkedIn polls, trivia takeovers, and user-generated content, brands can tap into the summer games conversation with an audience who’s going to be in the competitive spirit.


Brands can foster an emotional connection with audiences by engaging in storylines around the Olympics. The Olympics are rich with stories of dedication, perseverance, and triumph, so by aligning with these narratives, brands can evoke strong emotional responses from their audience, creating a deeper and more memorable connection. There is also a global or universal appeal of the Olympics. Social media has the power to reach people all over the world, so by creating Instagram stories and reels around the Olympics, brands will reach a diverse audience, enhancing their visibility and appeal. 

Invest in influencers. 

Having the star power of Olympic athletes is a major brand-win, but brands should consider working with influencers who can tell similar stories of competition and perseverance. Female athletes, in particular, have proven to be highly engaging for audiences with an increasing appetite for women’s sports. . 

Parity (a platform that connects female athletes with brands) held a study with SurveyMonkey to gain insight in fan engagements and the influence of female athletes. The study found people are 2.3 times more likely to purchase a product when it’s recommended by a female athlete, compared to another kind of influencer.

Lean into the spirit of the Olympics.

There’s no debate about the level of excellence and athletic ability at the Olympics. However, one way brands can tap into the Olympics without necessarily capturing the athlete’s performance(s) is through the spirit, feel, and message around the Games. The idea of “Olympic spirit” permeates the Games and content around it, so lean into that. Create campaigns that foster that “Olympic spirit” of teamwork, grit, hard work, and sacrifice. 

One way a brand can capture this spirit is by telling the stories of local sports teams with dreams of competing at the Game someday, or local town sports heroes who display grit and sacrifice day in and day out. By tapping into the spirit, your ability to create campaigns that are broader, but just as effective, will be unmatched. 

Local sports sponsorships. 

All of the professional athletes competing this summer were once young kids playing sports in their hometown. Brands that invest in youth sports, by way of sponsorship activations, funding, or just community outreach will embody the spirit and foundation of the Olympics. All of the athletes competing at the Olympic stage started somewhere, and by tapping into local communities and local youth sports sponsorships, brands can invest in future Olympians. 

One way a brand could tap into grassroot sports is by sponsoring an event or competition leading up the Olympics. By providing funding, equipment, and sponsorship support, the company can foster local athletic talent and community involvement. The brand can share stories of young athletes’ journeys and successes, emphasizing their commitment to community development as well as the Olympic values.

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