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Five Hospital Marketing Ideas To Connect Your Organization to its Community

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Hospitals and healthcare organizations are constantly searching for innovative ways to connect with their local communities. Coming up with creative and unique marketing ideas to connect your healthcare organization to the community is essential not only for attracting new patients, but also for building brand trust and customer loyalty. In this article, we’ll explore five of hospital marketing ideas that have proven successful in reaching customers at the local level, as well as how these strategies fit into the broader healthcare marketing landscape.


Host or Sponsor Community Events


Host community health fairs or wellness events to market your hospital or healthcare organization in the community. These events not only promote your services, but also demonstrate a commitment to community health. Go a step further and collaborate with local influencers, or prominent members of the community in the field like well-known physicians or community leaders to speak or attend the event  to build stronger relationships. 


Youth sports are a great way to get out in the community, connect with patients, and build trust. Healthcare organizations can rise to the ranks of becoming a community MVP by investing and tapping into youth sports. Sports teams, families, fans, and coaches are all committed to the sport itself, the healthy habits it encompasses and beyond, so by engaging with this audience hospital marketers will be interacting with an incredibly enthusiastic and committed audience. 


Create a Video Series Showcasing Staff and Patient Stories


Video marketing is becoming more increasingly popular in the healthcare field. Cleveland Clinic ran an “Empathy Series” campaign which featured videos highlighting the care provided by the clinic’s staff, helping to humanize the hospital’s brand and connect with patients on an emotional level.



The Mayo Clinic launched “Mayo Clinic Explains” on Youtube, which featured physicians and other professionals answering some of the most common medical questions.


A cohesive YouTube channel with synchronized branding and relevant topics will also help your hospital exceed SEO goals. 


Lean Into Testimonials 


Sharing stories of patient success can be a powerful marketing tool. Testimonials can be featured on the hospital’s website, social media pages, and in advertising materials.


The Cleveland Clinic has an entire part of its website called “Patient Stories.” These aren’t just quick quotes either, the stories are comprehensive, have a strong narrative, and really showcase the clinic’s care and relationship with the patient. 


Use Pop-ups to Bring Healthcare Services To New Communities 


Bringing healthcare services directly to underserved communities through mobile clinics can help hospitals expand their reach and impact. Pop-up clinics allow accessibility in a way some communities rarely get to see.  


One example of this is pop-up vaccination services or drives. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there were many drives and pop-up vaccination tents that acted as a saving resource when hospitals were getting overwhelmed with ill patients. 


Gamify Healthcare


Did you know that hospitals are using gamification to connect with consumers? Go365 by Humana has taken a new approach for people looking to reach their health goals. The app helps make healthcare fun and makes it easier for patients to reach health goals and thrive at any age. The idea here is that the more steps people take to achieve their health and wellness goals, the more rewards they receive. This type of incentive makes healthy living seem attainable, and more interesting to all. 


Another way we see this is through fitness tracker apps and softwares. Hospitals or healthcare businesses that can create an app may retain and engage more customers with a little bit of friendly competition and daily reminders. 


As marketers, you’re tasked with constantly innovating, which isn’t easy! However, by maintaining a close connection with the local community, hospitals can not only attract new patients but also cultivate enduring relationships that are mutually beneficial for both the healthcare institution and the community at large.


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