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How Sports Sponsorships Can Empower Youth Sports

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Sports are a foundation for healthy living, teamwork, grit, and life lessons in many forms. Most adults have memories of their first time stepping onto a soccer field or shooting a basket, since many children are introduced to sport or physical activity of some kind. The problem is, there are still many barriers that come in the way of youth sports and long term participation.


The biggest barrier to entry is of course the cost to play organized sports. In the United States, youth sports is a multi-billion dollar industry–with the youth sports market projected to reach over $77 billion dollars by 2026. Parents spend upwards of $1,400 annually on sports per child. But, what happens when the cost to play becomes too great for every child to have the opportunity to play? 


That’s where we’re at now. he pay-to-play culture has created a divide in the country. The cost of uniforms, gear, field space, and registration fees has become higher than ever before. This is where youth sports sponsorships can even the playing field, or at least serve as an access point. 


Youth sports sponsorships have become a necessity in youth sports and that is because brands and leagues have seen the importance of sports in a child’s life and development. 


Let’s look at some examples of sports sponsorships that have empowered youth sports organizations. 


e.l.f. BEAUTY teams up with Pete Brown Junior Tennis Program 


The Pete Brown Junior Tennis Program is a non-profit organization based out of South Central Los Angeles. The organization was founded in honor of Coach Pete Brown, a well-known member of the community who was always spreading his love for the game of tennis to the inner-city youth all across South Central LA. 


e.l.f. BEAUTY, a beauty brand known for its commitment to girls in sports, and inspiring young adults to feel their best ‘e.l.f. Self’ got involved with this organization to support the community.  e.l.f. is an example of a brand who isn’t just playing lip service, but also has sponsored 15 youth sports leagues with TeamSnap This day with Pete Brown Junior Tennis Program stood out as a highlight of their commitment to community, sports, and access to sport. 


Another incentive that e.l.f. SKIN and TeamSnap teamed up for was theBe Your Best e.l.f. Team Cheer Contest‘, where TeamSnap and e.l.f. SKIN encouraged girls sports teams to submit a cheer for a chance to win big. The contest was designed to celebrate girls in sport and keep girls in the game. 


AYSO and Nesquik 


Chocolate milk and soccer go together like peanut and jelly…right? 


AYSO was established in California in 1964 and is one of the largest youth soccer organizations in the country. The organization started with just nine teams and has risen to over 50,000 teams and over 600,000 participants. AYSO stands out from other youth soccer organizations because registration is open, which means there are almost no fees or barriers associated with playing soccer. This program is called the “Everyone Plays Program.” 


Nesquik saw an opportunity to help support AYSO’s mission,  became the official post-game beverage of AYSO. Many other larger brands have also taken notice and as a result, more partners have helped AYSO provide access to millions of kids every year. 


Little League Baseball and Softball Started Local

Little league baseball player sliding home.


Did you know the cost of sponsorship in the early days of little league baseball was just $30 dollars? Times have changed since the very first Little League season, where the organization relied heavily on sponsorship. Over the past 75 years, Little League has grown to support over 200,000 youth baseball and softball teams with sponsorship deals. 


The sponsorship origin story of Little League Baseball started with a man named Carl Stotz. Stotz was committed to providing baseball and softball opportunities to his community, but knew he needed the help of sponsors. It started small, with going door to door and tireless working with local businesses. Now Little League boasts sponsorship deals with major brands like Gatorade and Honda. 


Youth sports sponsorships give youth sports athletes a chance to participate, regardless of their economic status. Brands have the chance to team up with teams and leagues to make a difference in the lives of kids who may not have been able to afford an expensive pair of cleats or just the team uniform. 


Want to learn more about how to sponsor youth sports? Download our Brand’s Guide to Youth Sports Sponsorship

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