Diving Back to First Base

Don't get caught with a long lead! Get back to the base safely.


All right, now we're going to talk about diving back to first. We took our headfirst slide and now we're going to take it diving back to first. So, we go ahead and get out here. We get a nice, strong lead. Go ahead and come out. We start ourselves, breaks it down. Now, the catcher's going to pick back. She turns, crosses over, she dives back. Great. So, we're always going to try to dive back to this back corner. Okay? Her hands are up. That's a great job. This hand's just going to hang out. And then her head, she needs to look away so she doesn't get hit in the face and secondly, she can see a ball that's overthrown and she can get up and go to the next base. Okay, now we're going to go full speed. 

All right, let's get a good lead. I'll say, "Back," and we'll work on it. Here we go. Get on out. Three steps, she breaks it down. Good. Back. Great. Nice job. Again. Good. Lead. Three steps, break it down. Back, crosses over, and back. Good. And she looks away. I need you to look away. We need them to look away, we don't want to have them get hit in the face and we also want to look for that overthrow. Here we go. Go. Three steps, breaks it down, good. Back. Great. Nice job. Very nice.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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