Feet First, Head First

Good sliding technique is important, and this drill will reinforce the skills your players need to be better sliders.

What you need You can either set this drill up in the infield with the regular bags, or, if you just want to work on technique with this drill, then you can set up any number of bases in the outfield. Set up a station that has two bases, and divide the players among the stations.

How this drill works Each player in the station will do the drill, and they will first run to the base ahead of them and slide into it feet first with the proper technique (lead leg extended and trailing leg folded at a right angle at the lead leg knee).

Then, they will get up and they will turn around and sprint to the base prior and they will execute a head first slide (lead arm reaching for the outside corner of the base).

You can run this drill in the infield as the player goes around the bases. To make it slightly more complex, you can have the catcher trying to throw the player out at each base.

Result Teaching the proper sliding technique is going to help your runners secure more bases during a game.

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Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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