Catching Stance

Balance is key behind the plate. A girls' softball catcher will improve her movement by having a balanced stance. These softball tips provide the necessary tools for the catcher.


We're going to talk now about the stance of a catcher.

A catcher wants her feet a little bit wider than her shoulders with her toes slightly pointed out. As the catcher kneels down, they want to stay leaning forward. Go ahead and kneel down.

They want to stay leaning forward so they stay on the balls of their feet. A catcher has to be in a balanced position so they can move side to side. Go ahead and move to your right. Now go back in position. And go ahead and move to your left.

The catcher can stay on her feet because she's in a nice balanced position.

When a catcher's in her catching position, her glove's out, ready to receive the ball, and her throwing hand is at her side with her thumb tucked underneath. When the catcher receives the ball, she's going to take her glove hand to her throwing hand to come up and throw. Good. Hide your thumb. Get your thumb underneath. There you go. Good.

So remember, the most important thing with a catcher when they're in their catching stance is that they're balanced. We want the catcher balanced so she can move right and left very easy.

Release Date: Jul 17 2013

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