Butterfly Relay Drill

Divide your players into two equal groups. Each group will "run" the relay course against the clock or the other group. Player vs. player can be fun and exciting but also runs the risk of players colliding and falling. Running against the clock is less risky.

The relay course is set up as a square using four small red cones or the bases. The course would have four corners 60 feet apart if the bases are used or you can set the cones at whatever distance you choose. A forty feet square is about the shortest distance for a good relay.

Players are lined up at the starting cone or base. The first player begins when the coach says "GO". Each player runs the course as shown in the diagram below.

When a player finishes the course that player tags the next player in line who then "runs" the course, and so on until all players have run. If you are running player vs. players the first team to finish wins that relay. If you are running vs. the clock the faster time wins.

Each player on the winning team gets one point.

Then mix up the teams and run another relay.

Keep the time of each winning team. At the end of the drill determine which team had the fastest time. Each of the players on that team receives an extra point.

When all relays have been completed determine which player(s) have the highest number of points. That player(s) are the winners for the day.

- Utilize the element of competition.
- Work on quickness and footwork.

With six players in a group it should take several minutes to complete a relay. In a twenty minute session you should be able to run four or five relays.

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Release Date: Jul 17 2013

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