Teaching the Relay

Before putting your team through this drill explain:

  • What a relay is
  • What the purpose of a relay is
  • When a relay is used

Show them and teach:

  • What the role of each part of the relay is
  • How to properly execute each part

Split your team into 3 groups. One group will be in the outfield, one group in the cut position, and the other in the receiving position at the end of the relay. Remind each player what you expect in each role.

Hit the ball to the outfielder and have your team relay the ball in. Each player in the each group should get a chance to execute their role (outfield/cut/receive) before you rotate the groups.

Things to Emphasize:

Outfield role: proper catching/throwing technique, accurate throw through the cut

Cut role: getting lined up, proper body position and calling for the ball from the outfielder, getting into proper catching position upon catch, moving to get the ball if necessary, making quick accurate throw so receiver can make a tag on the runner (keep the ball low, chest high is not where we want this throw).

Receive role: help cut line up, call for the ball, proper positioning on bag and for making the catch, quickly apply a secure tag on the runner, moving to make the catch if necessary

Release Date: Jul 17 2013

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