Infield Throwing Drill #2

This drill is set up with four fielders, a pitcher and catcher in position with a hitter at home plate. The coach hits a ground ball to the 3B who throws to the catcher who touches home as if getting a force out. The catcher then throws to 1B as if completing a double play. The 1B returns the ball to the catcher. The coach then hits a ground ball in order to the SS, 2B, 1B and P and the same play is executed. When the ball is hit to the 1B the 2B should move over and cover first base as the 1B will not be able to get back to the bag to make the play.

After each fielder has fielded a ground ball, players rotate to their left and move to the end of the line at the next position and the first player in the line moves in to field that position. Continue the drill until every player has a turn at each position.

The drill stresses fielding, throwing and catching as well as simulating plays which occur during a game. Time each cycle to provide incentive to your players to improve each time a group makes the plays.

Release Date: Jul 11 2013

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