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No more scraps of paper with the new players' info on them! TeamSnap's sports team roster app and software tools make it easy to know who’s on your team, remember their parents' names and track all kinds of customizable information for your team roster. It’s the easiest roster tool out there!

  • Save time by having members or parents easily edit contact information, jersey numbers, positions and more from their phones or computers.
  • Link photos of each player with their member profile to use as a cheat sheet (because it’s hard to learn the names of 20 players and their parents!).
  • Create any field you want to collect data for each player. Need to know jersey size? You can create a customizable field for that. Need to know who has a car to get to events? We’ve got you covered.
  • Easily separate players, coaches and non-players for organized viewing within the app.
  • With the mobile app, you can access your roster information anywhere, whether at home or on the sidelines.

The ultimate online team roster management app for any coach!

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