Lawrence Timmons - Wheel Routes

In this youth football drill, NFL Pro, Lawrence Timmons demonstrates the wheel route football drill. This is a great football drill for receivers who want to improve their quick out patterns.


Man 1: Right now I'm about to do a little ball drill with you guys. We're going to work on the wheel route when the guys coming and the flats are going up the field. Basically what you going to do you gonna come right here like, you see the guy coming? And then you are going to run up the sideline and you are going to be looking for me to throw you the ball, and I'm going to throw you the ball right here, see it hit? See it hit?

Man 2: He ain't got no hand

Man 1: See it hit? He going to get it. See it hit? See it hit? See it hit? 

Release Date: Jul 17 2013

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