Running Back Handoff Drill

The Handoff Drill should be done with running backs, QBs and wide receivers (optional). Focus on creating a good target for taking the handoff, clamping down, staying low and securing the ball. Ball security is key!


This is our hand off drill that we do with our running backs. We do this almost every day and what we want to emphasize is a good target for taking the hand off, clamping down on the ball, ball security, staying low and it starts out slow and picks up. All right. Let's see what it looks like. Ready. Go. Good hand off there. Good. Good. See how many we can get. Take a good hand off. Get him a good target. Pick it up. Nice. Good. Good hand off. Stay down low. Stay down low. Don't stop. Keep going. Excellent. Here we go. Very good. Keep it going. Let's go. Come on. Come on . We're slowing down. Here we go. Good. Take the hand off. Let him put it in. Okay. That's our hand off drill. Very important that running backs do that every day. It teaches them ball security. It teaches them giving good pocket for the quarterback to put the ball in. It teaches them to get down low and to protect themselves. Excellent, excellent for a running back.

Release Date: Jul 17 2013

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